Membership Sections

At Garon Park we have a vibrant membership which in turn means that we have four very active membership sections.

Ladies Section:

Is a vibrant, friendly and inclusive section with ladies of all abilities, from single figure handicaps to brand new golfers. Whatever your standard of play, all women and girls can enjoy being a part of the ladies section.

Ladies days are Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday. Thursdays are dedicated to ladies who hold a 9 hole membership.  With weekly competitions, fun days and social gatherings, our ladies section is guaranteed to improve your game and make new friends for life.

Men’s Section:

Is a welcoming group of men who all love to enjoy the game of golf. If you like to be competitive there are always competitions running every week, or if you prefer to just relax and have a friendly round, why not join this great section.

Roll up groups are Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so there is plenty of opportunities to play.

With a section that is constantly growing with new and exciting people, you will always be able to find somebody to play with.

Seniors Section:

We have a very large and hospitable group of seniors who welcome anybody new to their section. With over 50 seniors playing regularly every Wednesday, you will always have the chance to play and meet new likeminded people.

Wednesday is the senior’s main day for playing and there are also roll up groups on Monday and Friday.

So if you enjoy golf, socializing and good old banter this is definitely the group for you.

Junior Section:

We have fantastic up and coming juniors in this talented and energetic section, which is headed up by our junior organisation Carol Pearson and PGA Professional Ben Jones.

Please see the junior coaching academy for more details.

Think Membership……Think Garon Park