John Francis PGA Qualified Golf Professional 
John is a highly qualified PGA AA Golf Professional and is also a Master Instinctive Golf Coach with a vast experience in the golf industry.
Over the past 30 years John has worked with John Jacobs, Kendal Mcwade, Scott Cranfield, David Leadbetter, Mike Hebron,  Mac O’Grady and Dennis Pugh.

John style of coaching is based on three principles, keep it simple, maximise the golfers full potential and to have fun, enjoyment and understand the lesson. John takes great satisfaction in improving golfers and seeing them develop. John uses the Hudi Technique coaching system with voice over and email of the lesson.

John has also written numerous golf articles for magazines including Todays Golfer, National Club Golfer and Essex Golfer.

‘Too many golfers are looking for the magic move but do not realise they have the answer within. My Job is to get you to explore your abilities, skills and for you to improve your golf game.’