Essential Greens Maintenance Procedures

Over the forthcoming few weeks we will be undertaking some essential greens maintenance procedures. We carry these out every year and they help ensure that the greens remain in optimal condition during the playing season, as well as retain their free-draining characteristics during the winter.

Golf greens, over a period of time, become compacted. This means that water and nutrients that we may spray struggle to penetrate the top surface of the green and root growth downwards is restricted. To resolve this, we punch holes in the green to quite a significant depth, then top dress with a sandy material. This replaces the compacted soil with a more porous material.

Without conducting this maintenance practice, the greens would soon appear faded, they would start to become very uneven and grass coverage would become weaker and weaker. In addition, they would retain moisture – meaning that we would have to close during inclement weather.

Fortunately, despite this being a little disruptive whilst we’re doing the work – the pain is short-lived and all greens will get back to normal within a couple of weeks.

So that you can still enjoy a full 18-hole round of golf, we’ll be doing each loop of 9-holes separately, during which time the 9-holes will be closed.

18th & 19th August – South
2nd & 3rd September – East
14th & 15th September – West
25th August – Par 3

Please be aware when booking a tee time online not to choose the course that is closed, for 9-holes or as part of 18-holes.

Thank you for your patience during this period. We look forward to getting the work done so our greens can continue to provide excellent playing surfaces throughout the year.

Garon Park